Jackie Sleper
Tour de France Utrecht 2015
Published on Monday, 29 June 2015
Jackie Sleper Jackie Sleper Jackie Sleper
Jackie Sleper Jackie Sleper Jackie Sleper
Jackie Sleper Jackie Sleper Jackie Sleper
Published on Monday, 22 June 2015
Translation: Nick Rowing


In Utrecht, all the trees along the Malibaan and in the city centre have been decorated with red and yellow dots.
Tour fever is slowly infecting the city.
Tourists are also caught up in it You can hardly enter.
Me neither.
I was asked by Jeroen Wieleart: "Have you anything for our exhibition?"
How extraordinary! I had already made a collage in 2010
when I was staying in my studio in Isola in France.
It is called:

Roger Rivière 1960
"The Fall of a Promise" (40cm x 40cm)

I also made a special object.
But I never thought I would make a special work of art about the Tour de France.

But I did, and it is aptly named "Tour de France 2015" (150 cm x 40 cm).

Come and have a look.
What a great spectacle we're about to enjoy in Utrecht!


Hotel Heroïque – "Staying with the Heroes"
By: Jeroen Wielaert

"You win the Tour de France in bed", is a classic quote by Joop Zoetemelk. The Dutch tour-winner of 1980, summed up the reason why he won this battle through the mountains and valleys of the famous French cycle race. The public at large doesn't know this, but rest is very important. In the Hotel Héroique in Utrecht, city of the 2015 Grand Départ, it will all come together. This involves the historic relocation and serene and restful reception of many old and contemporary heroes of the Tour de France.

Employing a rich collection of photographs, paintings and sculptures, this exhibition shows the history of the Tour, the heroes, what they experience and what they have to overcome. It winds through a nostalgic hotel lobby, through the corridors, the dining and conference room, a massage parlour and four hotel rooms - fitted out in the styles of different periods: the fifties, seventies and two in a contemporary manner - and it finishes in an Art-Hotel-type film-theatre with various wonderful pieces of furniture.

This is stimulating enough to make to want to take a relaxed look at the Tour before and during the Grand Départ Utrecht 2015.

The Artists' Book of the Hotel Héroique, comprising contributions from many different artists, was put together by two organizations: "Tour sous le Dom" (the "Tour which passes through the Cathedral Tower") and M Line. This is the lobby group which was founded in 2002 to persuade the organizers to bring the tour departure to Utrecht. The exhibition opens on Saturday 27th June, a week before the opening race, and it will continue until Sunday the 5th July when the Tour leaves Utrecht and heads off to Zeeland.

The exhibition includes work by the photographers: Cor Vos, Klaas-Jan van der Weij, Patrick Post, Berry Stokvis, Barton van Flymen, and Hans Heus; and work by the Utrecht artists: John Noy, Ruud Kuijer, and Jackie Sleper (among others)

Hotel Héroique is a collaboration between Stichting Tour sous le Dom and M Line.

This tour from Utrecht on June 28, 2015
followed the route of the Tour de France.
A week before the start.
This tour from Utrecht on June 28, 2015
followed the route of the Tour de France.
A week before the start.
Photo by Berry Stokvis
Jaap Sleper
Hôtel Héroique, entrance
Jackie with Willem Davids
Jeroen Wielaert
Jeroen Wielaert
Wim Pijbes, director of the Rijksmuseum
with Tour winner Joop Zoetemelk
during the opening of Hôtel Héroique.
Gertjan Kooij | AWFoto

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