Jackie Sleper
social label
Published on monday, 13 April 2015

Social labelArtist Jackie Sleper is a supporter of Social label. With the purchase of this hand-made art work she is expressing her support for the philosophy and activities of Social Label.

VAAS is the product of an extraordinary collaboration between Roderick and Oswin Vos together with the makers of the creative workshop Artenzo in Tilburg.

According to Jackie Sleper: "The project is interesting because it stimulates creative people with disabilities to make the most of their talents by working with professional designers and artists. Unique objects such as VAAS are very valuable and well worth treasuring and deserve a place in anyone's home. It also makes me realize that every one of us is 'underdeveloped' so what does it really mean to say that someone is 'handicapped'? So now I am also an active supporter and propagandist for VAAS.

Apart from being viewable in the Werkwarenhuis of Social Label in 's-Hertogen-bosch – you will also be able to see and buy a pop-up version in many other places in the Netherlands. If you also want to support the philosophy and activities of Social label and to contribute to the creation of a more inclusive world then you can buy one of the seven 'unicas' of Oswin and Roderick Vos. Just send an email.