Jackie Sleper
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(Interview by Rinskje Koelewijn)

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"I would love to buy the whole new cushion
collection of Claire Vos Teeuwen. Once again,
she is a designer who combines the 'old'
(her technique) with the 'new' (her designs).
She uses Indonesian motifs and Ikat 'weefsels'
and she re-uses old Dutch woollen blankets.
Together with her husband, designer Roderick Vos,
she has a studio-shop in Den Bosch, close
to the centre in a former hospital building.
Opposite their sudio is the Mariapaviljoen
where you can get a fantastic meal.
You can find them at Roderick & Claire Vos,
Burgermeester Loeffplein 70, Den Bosch."
"I would definitely want to buy the coloured
dinner sets made by Jeanine Eek Keizer.
Fantastic! She is a potter and she buys
old dinner sets at auctions. She has invented
a technique which enables her to glaze porcelain
a second time. What you get is a set of
cups or plates which are all blue, green or pink
but at the same time every piece is different
– it is the combination of old and new which
always fascinates me. It is also fun to visit
the shop of Jeanine and her husband Piet Eek
in a converted Philips factory in Eindhoven."
"I love films. Every year when the Dutch Film Festival returns to Utrecht,
where I live, I go to as many events as possible. Wonderful! The buzz! The crowd!.
I sometime miss the excitement a little in Utrecht, but not on these days.
I have already seen the trailer of "Dummie de Mummie" which is a kid's film
– which I always enjoy because they keep me feeling young.
I love games and I love the world of children. I also have many children though
they are not all mine. Five are mine, my husband has three and we also have
two brothers, the youngest are 14 and 16. Lovely company!"
"My mother often took me with her to the Vondelpark
or to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and afterwards
we would go to the American Hotel on the Leidseplein.
I still love the grandeur of such places.
I am a member of the Rijksmuseum
(anyone can become a member) and I am presenting
my book "Black Jack" in the Auditorium there week.
It is exciting to be able to present 'contemporary'
work in such a 'historic' context.
There are fifty copies of the book, with thirty photos,
three drawings, a collage and a painting.
Designer Roderick Vos designed a special lectern for the book.
My book is the product of my 'research' into myself.
What does ageing mean to a woman? How does Botox help you?
Why do we wear makeup?"

Sculptor Jackie Sleper (52)
will this week present her
art-work BLACK JACK with
it specially designed lectern.
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a selection of cultural activities.