Jackie Sleper
Exhibition 'Shadow of Life' in Galerie 10, Utrecht
gallery Carcamo


At the opening Jackie Sleper's exhibition presenting her latest work from the opus 'Shadow of Life' in Galerie 10, Utrecht.

The Exhibition 'Shadow of Life' is open from 06/11/2009 till 13/12/2009.

Galerie 10 Schoutenstraat 10
3512 GB Utrecht
030 2231118
Quote from the gallery website:

Jackie Sleper (1962)
Jackie Sleper explores different disciplines such as drawings, photographs, paintings and sculptures, mostly combined in larger installations and wall pieces. Her precise and detailed work explores themes of myth and passion within a structure of symbolism and visual codes, whereby the overall ambiance is sensuous, refined and dream-like.
Her focus and motives have historical, political, cultural and personal sources. The diversity of the work is underlined by the enormous range of materials she uses, such as plastic, wood, paper, porcelain and paint. In Slepers work, the harmonious elements of esthetics are punctured by the incongruous, resulting in an effect that both charms and unsettles.
In 2006, Sleper was invited to participate at the Austria Biennale. The next year, her work was showed at the ‘OPEN10 International Sculptures and Installations’ exhibition and the Florence Biennale, where she received the first price by the international jury for the installations ‘Modestia’ and ‘Dulce y Amargo’.